Monday, September 8, 2017

Recently I entered what is called a 10 years contest with Art Jewelry Magazine.  Only one entry could be made per person and the rule is that the jewelry must have been fabricated in the past 10 years.  Anyway, I have two jewelry pieces that I considered entering into the contest and finally decided on one.  Below are both pieces that I considered but the cloisonné  brooch set in 22K gold was the one I choose to submit.  There will be two winners — one People’s Choice, chosen by popular vote, and one Editors’ Choice, chosen by the Art Jewelry magazine team.  Voting ends on Friday, September 12th.


Abalone and pearl inlay wood, sterling silver pendant. 22K gold and fine silver 18″ chain. All hand fabricated.

22K gold cloisonne brooch.  Garnets.

Nature in Abstract. 22K gold, fine silver cloisonné brooch. Garnets.



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