Monday, September 8, 2017

Recently I entered what is called a 10 years contest with Art Jewelry Magazine.  Only one entry could be made per person and the rule is that the jewelry must have been fabricated in the past 10 years.  Anyway, I have two jewelry pieces that I considered entering into the contest and finally decided on one.  Below are both pieces that I considered but the cloisonné  brooch set in 22K gold was the one I choose to submit.  There will be two winners — one People’s Choice, chosen by popular vote, and one Editors’ Choice, chosen by the Art Jewelry magazine team.  Voting ends on Friday, September 12th.


Abalone and pearl inlay wood, sterling silver pendant. 22K gold and fine silver 18″ chain. All hand fabricated.

22K gold cloisonne brooch.  Garnets.

Nature in Abstract. 22K gold, fine silver cloisonné brooch. Garnets.

Tuesday, August 20, 2017

My website is getting a little bit of work. I’m changing the blog, which by doing so has deleted previous posts that had been on the old one. Also, the shopping cart has been eliminated from this website. As I can, I’ll have things updated.
For anyone interested in taking a fun class, I’m scheduled to teach again (May 2014) beginner silversmith at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. The class is called In A Metal Mood. Students will learn to set cabochons, make a ring, a bracelet, earrings, and other things. We learn a lot while having a great time!!!! If you are interested in taking the class, please go to John C. Campbell Folk School website or call the school.
Kindest regards,
Susan Jones

Saturday, May 31, 2017



I just finished teaching my 4th In A Metal Mood Class in Brasstown, North Carolina, which ran May 25th – 30th.  The class was really awesome and had so many talented students.  They learned to set cabochons, make rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rivets.  We worked hard ALL day long and had so much fun while doing it.  Hip, hip hooray for another great time at John C. Campbell Folk School and to teaching.








Tuesday, March 25, 2017

Last week I called to check on my May 2014 beginner silversmith class, In A Metal Mood,  at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC and found out the class is full with one person on the wait list.  Even though it is full, if you want to get into the class, please get on the wait list.  One never knows when a class spot might open up.  The class is always great with lots of learning and tons of fun.

This past January 2014, my mom suddenly passed away.  I can truly say that the world has been spinning a little differently since that day and the beat and rhythm of my life has changed.  It isn’t bad but I sure liked the one with my mom in it the best.  To say that I am missing her is an understatement.  My mom and dad were married 70 years, 7 months and their example of love and dedication to each other was a beautiful thing to behold.  As my dad says, he had my mom for those many years and what more could he ask from God when he already had it all.  We have been blessed beyond measure!!!

I have not been too attentive to this website.  Please excuse that!  I still hope to catch up by posting the original posts from the old blog that was deleted and try to stay more current.

In February, I went to Israel and had a fantastic visit.  It was my second time to visit this beautiful place and once again, I saw Holy Sites.  I lit candles in many of these places in memory of my mom and found it a beautiful way of celebrating her life and expressing thankfulness for it.  Along with that, I loved shopping in the Old City of Jerusalem.  My addiction to their beautiful scarves was fueled once more.

As for my jewelry, I’m working on some individual projects that I plan to project into one.  It should be fun and eliminate any boredom that sets in from doing just one.  I am also gearing up for my May class.

Best to you all.