All of my life I have lived in the south and most of it in Mississippi. I am the daughter of a United Methodist minister, wife of a dentist and mother to three sons. My love for the arts began as a child. My paternal great grandfather was a blacksmith and my mother a painter. Although my father is a preacher, as I was growing up, he was constantly building something. Today, my parents’ home in retirement, much of which was constructed and finished by my father, is alive with their own handiwork. Living in several different areas of Mississippi, I was fortunate to be exposed to the proud and unique cultural heritage found in each region of our great state. My childhood was a learning experience in itself, as I was surrounded by fascinating people from all walks of life who contributed to our state’s art history in many and varied ways, from handcrafted quilts in the hills to the blues music of the delta. These are the experiences that have influenced the way I see life, and shaped my taste in the arts. While I have always sought and found an artistic outlet, whether in playing the banjo, quilting, or fashioning costumes for my children, it was not until my middle age that I had the opportunity to begin making glass beads that eventually led me to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry using precious and non-precious metals often including enamels.

Most of the instruction I have received has come from the John C. Campbell Folk School. From my first exposure to metal fabrication, I have had an insatiable appetite to learn and do all that I can to work in the medium. It has been my privilege to study under and work with some of the finest artists in our country. Otherwise, I am largely self-taught, the rest of my knowledge and training having come from books and experimentation. Working with metal, stones, and enamels and creating jewelry has given me a depth of satisfaction that I have known with no other art form. I enjoy using my God-given talents of meticulous craftsmanship to create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry.

I approach my craft enriched and inspired by the experiences of my past and all that is around me. I especially enjoy creating artistically demanding and unique pieces. I love all aspects of jewelry making and have set no boundaries -- “The world is my oyster.” The design of each brooch, each pendant, each chain, each ring and each set of earrings must present a challenge in its fabrication or I am not engaged. My heart is in the creative process and I must connect with each piece that I sell. My pride is in the finished piece. My reward comes simply from having my jewelry worn and enjoyed by others.

Susan Kemp Jones
P.O. Box 717
Holly Springs, Mississippi 38635

Member of the Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi
Member of Oxford Artist Guild
Member of the Enamelist Society
Member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths